We're Roundhouse

By now you may have figured out that we’re a coworking space offering a variety of resources and supports for emerging and established changemakers. Our website will tell you all about the services we provide and what motivates us, but we thought we’d take a minute to tell you the story of our name and logo to kick off our blog!

When excavating the site for what is now Allard Hall (where we will be located), a train roundhouse was unearthed.  The roundhouse was an integral part of the railway system where trains would enter, load their goods and set off in a new direction.  In imagining where we fit in our members’ journeys this was the perfect metaphor for what we hope to provide.

Our logo is a 13-sided shape (we thought we’d save you the counting) called a triskaidecagon.  It is created to represent Indigenous talking circles where all voices have importance - at Roundhouse we believe a life-changing idea can come from anyone. This number, that is so often perceived as unlucky, is also of significance in Indigenous cultures. It is the number of full moons in a year, often the number of posts in a teepee and there are 13 tail feathers on a perfectly balanced eagle - the most powerful kind of bird to use in ceremonial healing. 

With these parallel stories we have developed our visual identity that sets the tone for Roundhouse to be inviting, respectful and supportive to people with all backgrounds and goals as we build a hub for connection and innovation.

Allard Hall Excavation

This was the roundhouse that was unearthed while excavating for Allard Hall.