Our first 100 members

Our newest addition is this 'Digestive Table' from Spruce Permaculture!  

Andrew was beaming with pride when he delivered it this morning - and for good reason. Everything about our newest table is deliberate in its effort to be sustainable. Oh, and did we mention it's home to our first members?

Let us share some of the specs so you can join us in our excitement (and pack compost-able snacks)!  Here's everything you need to know: Andrew and the Worm Table

  • It's made with FSC Certified spruce wood.  FSC Certification ensures forestry products meet the triple bottom line. 
  • The stain is made with coffee grounds collected from the University Service Center (where our team worked before our space was ready).  Better yet, the grounds are from fair-trade, Canadian-roasted Doi Chang Coffee
  • In the polyester bag are the stars of the show - 100 red wiggler worms (our newest members) ready to turn your food into compost. There's newspaper inside to eliminate odor from carbon emissions, too!
  • The bowl on the bottom, salvaged from a second-hand store, is where drippings will collect from the compost.  Diluted with water, this is the perfect plant fertilizer.  Andrew has suggested that we put plants around the base of the table as well, and we couldn't agree more. 

We're pumped to start using this table as a means of lessening our waste and making our plants extra healthy.  This is just one of a few new additions we'll be receiving this week and definitely a story worth sharing.  Thanks to Spruce Permaculture for developing this first-of-its-kind table for our space!

Join us at our open house on May 31st to see them for yourself and celebrate a new home for social change in Edmonton!  RSVP on our events page