Social Innovation Fellowship

Social Innovation Fellowship launches this September!

During the last past few years, the Social Innovation Institute (SII) has noticed many incredible people and organizations taking on important projects that they hope will make our community a better place. This is challenging work and there often isn’t enough time – or capacity – for these projects to gain momentum. In an effort to support these people and projects we are excited to announce that the Institute will be launching the Social Innovation Institute Fellowship Program starting September 2018!


The SII Fellowship Program will bring together a group of emerging leaders, each working on their own social change initiative, and support them as a cohort with training, workspace and other resources. The fellows will combine research with action, to gain a better understanding of their project and how it might become a sustainable, ongoing initiative.

There will be up to six fellows chosen for the first round of projects, for a 4-6 month experience. The fellows will be a cohort of graduate students will strengthen their networking and collaboration skills, gain experience in public engagement, master facilitation skills, develop skills in social innovation, and apply a socially entrepreneurial mindset to advance their project.

The projects for Fall 2018 have been selected based on a theme of fostering vibrant, urban wellness. The projects are:

  • Designing plastic water bottles to be reused as building bricks in developing countries

  • Converting empty storefronts to temporary displays featuring art or social enterprise messaging

  • Recognizing and encouraging socially conscious business practices

  • Supporting front-line staff working in service-oriented industries with harassment training

  • Health impacts in a revitalizing urban wellness project

If you have any questions or are interested in applying to be a Social Innovation Institute fellow, please email Heather Braid at [email protected]. Recruitment for the first round of fellows will end on July 15th.

We will share updates about the fellow’s work as they progress, and hold an event to share the outcomes of the projects in early 2019.