Recap: TEDxMacEwanU

One of the wonderful things about being located at MacEwan University and working in such close partnership with the MacEwan University Social Innovation Institute (the institute) is being a part of the research and innovation culture on campus. A brilliant example of this is the recent TEDxMacEwanU hosted by the MacEwan University Research Office that featured faculty and student speakers. 

"Laying New Tracks is about cellebrating MacEwan's innovations, the people behind them - and the impact contributions have made within MacEwan and in our community at large." 

It was only fitting that with such a theme, Dr. Leo Wong, Founding Director of the Institute presented a talk titled Social Change Starts from Within. We're super proud of him for inspiring us and the the rest of the crowd and delighted that, as always, his experiential learning through parenting made its way into his talk in form of featuring his kids, Maddie and Gavin.

The presentations from all the presenters - which are all amazing, by the way - are online here.

Presenters hailed from departments across MacEwan's diverse campus.  This interdisciplinary approach at understanding the human experience and holistic nature of problem-solving is exactly what we're all about.