RECAP: Changemaker Week 2018

When we’re out in the community, often we hear people ask ‘what is a changemaker anyway?’.  We truly believe that everybody can be a changemaker, as it’s as simple as taking action to make the world a better place. But we also hear ‘changing the world with good ideas’ (our vision) can be pretty daunting for some.

We designed Changemaker Week with the hope of creating opportunities for anyone to learn, connect and take action in their community, or to find their stride as a changemaker.  We hosted a variety of events that brought some of our existing community and a lot of new, diverse changemakers together in the name of making the world a better place.

The best part about Changemaker Week was that every event involved a community partner! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, real social impact starts with collaboration.  Collaboration means working together, but that doesn’t mean some appreciation isn’t in order. Can we get a virtual round of applause/high five for some seriously awesome changemakers in Edmonton please!

We saw over 150  changemakers over the week and heard lots of great feedback from facilitators and attendees alike!  This was our first Changemaker Week and we plan to continue hosting this annual event to bring city-wide (maybe bigger one day!) awareness to the many great ways to find your stride as a changemaker.

We’ll probably take a nap or two, but before we know it, the planning for next year will gear up.  If you have an idea for an event or have been looking for a workshop or event focus that you haven’t been able to find, get in touch - we’d love to hear how we can get you involved!