Popping Up at Startup Edmonton

Anthony at Your ServiceThe marketplace will be an integral piece of the puzzle for Roundhouse.  It’s where we’ll be able to feature products that are fiercely socially-minded, and share the stories of their makers to encourage responsible consumerism.  

We've been fortunate for Startup Edmonton's hospitality in offering their welcome space for a pop-up version of our marketplace over the last few months. We've featured some really great Edmonton entrepreneurs including: 

- Camola Sustainable Bakery

- The Earth Group

- TuffSprout

- Inferno Coffee

- Shoots Urban Farm

- Anthony at Your Service

These pop-ups have given been a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs to share what they do and practice pitching their products and services. It's also been a treat for us to meet more members of the Startup Edmonton community and learn build our relationship with their team.  The strong ecosystem of service providers in Edmonton cares so much about getting the right services to the right people, we know we'll continue to work together to deliver the best for our city's entrepreneurs!

If you are an entrepreneur with a socially innovative mandate or have a favourite business in mind, please contact us! We'll be opening our marketplace in Roundhouse this fall and will have pop-up opportunities in the interim.

Startup Edmonton Pop Up Market