Orchid, Onion and Owl

At Roundhouse, we’re all about providing resources to help changemakers be more productive, and though it might seem simple, starting meetings on the right foot can have a big impact. We thought we’d share how we kick off our own meetings, in a way our team looks forward to each week.  

It starts with a mindful meeting method - dubbed Orchid, Onion and Owl – and it’s something our team member, Heather, introduced to our meetings earlier this year.  She uses the same check-in when meeting up with friends after a while, to get a pulse on how they’re really doing.

So what is Orchid, Onion and Owl? Basically, our team goes around the room, in roundtable format, and each person shares an achievement, a challenge and a fun fact with the rest of the group.


A highlight from your week (luckily we usually have a lot of these)


A challenge or bummer you encountered this week


A piece of wisdom, or ‘fun fact’ if you will

For the first few meetings, it took our relatively small team nearly 30 minutes just to get through the four of us - largely because nobody could come up with ‘owls’ - but now we’re down to about 15 minutes that we all look forward to.  Knowing how to support one another and being able to celebrate life events as a team has helped build a positive culture and allowed us to deepen our understanding of one another to work with higher empathy and productivity.

Feel free to use this in your meetings, with your friends, or wherever you might want or need a an easy icebreaker.. We have no doubt this small tactic can transform your team meeting for the better, just as it has ours. (You can thank Heather next time you see her in the hood.)


The other realization spurred by this addition is that, sometimes, we have totally shareable tidbits that our community might be interested in.  So keep an eye on social media for some of our Orchid, Onion and Owl highlights!