Help a member out: Matchwork Assessment

mwdeamMatchWork, a local organization that provides software to connect people living with barriers to employment to exciting careers, has been a Roundhouse member since September. Recently, they reached out to the Roundhouse team for help amplifying their call-out for people to test a new online tool they’ve been working on.

Of course, we’re more than happy to shed light on the great work MatchWork has been doing and present our community with the opportunity to help them grow!

Brooks Hanewich, Co-Founder of Matchwork explains what they are all about and how you can help:

“We believe that individuals experiencing barriers to employment have unique skills and attributes. Our team has been working hard over the past year to build a cloud-based technology platform that leverages data, predictive analytics and human coaches to help agencies connect these individuals to inspiring careers. The web-based platform will ultimately help identify a person’s unique attributes and translate them into meaningful employment opportunities.

We are really excited to start collecting data to test our first tool. We need people like you to complete our online survey to help our program garner insights on employment skills, interests and values that can lead to successful employment connections. Your support and input is invaluable to us as we build our software tools.

To begin the survey, visit:

You can begin the survey right away - there is no need to create account or login.  The exercise takes about 25-30 minutes to complete. Within a day of completing the survey, you’ll receive your own complimentary Getting To Know You Profile via email.  We are hoping to have as many people as possible complete the survey by December 7.

Our team would love to hear your feedback on the questions and the process. If you have a suggestion on how we can improve the experience, send it our way.  If you have any questions about MatchWork, we’d love to hear those too! You can email us at [email protected]