Happy Birthday, Fauzia!


We have a team of almost 20 amazing host volunteers that help us welcome guests and members, while also keeping Roundhouse safe, tidy and inviting. Each of our volunteers is amazing and has a great set of talents that enable them to create great experiences at Roundhouse. But today, we’d like to celebrate one volunteer in particular: our original volunteer, Fauzia Kharadi!

Fauzia doesn’t just help out at Roundhouse — one of her many volunteer commitments across campus is being the co-president of the MacEwan Entrepreneurship Club! Fauzia is always early, eager to help and cares so very much about Roundhouse. She also picks up more shifts than any other volunteer.

Fauzia should be celebrated every day (we tell her she’s a rockstar often), but especially today, because it’s her birthday! 

Here are just some of the good things our team have to say about her:

“Our dearest Fazia cares SO much about the community and has integrated her spunky self into Roundhouse so seamlessly — it's like we've known her forever! She's super smiley, super warm, and ready to stand up for what she believes in! If you haven't yet, trust me, once you have one conversation with her, you'll just want to stop what you're doing and chat with her more and more! Happiest Bday!” - Amor

“Fauzia has such a sincere approach to engaging with people, always with a friendly demeanour and helpful attitude. She sets a wonderful example for all Roundhouse volunteers, and I am so glad we can call her our ‘original’ volunteer.” - Leo

“Fauzia always comes in with a positive, cheerful attitude, ready to greet and help our members and guests. The Roundhouse community loves seeing her, as much as she loves her coffee (and that says a lot). With her dedication to great customer service and care, attention to detail, and desire to help others, she helps us mentor and guide new volunteers as well! We love having her as our volunteer! Much love.” - Yentle

“Fauzia is super proactive, always willing to help out whether it’s at events or picking up others’ shifts, and she is super, duper friendly. As our first volunteer she has also become a total expert and done a kick ‘butt’ job of training our other volunteers in a nurturing way. Thanks for all you do, Fauzia and have a great Birthday” – Anika

If you see Fauzia around this week, wish her a sweet year ahead and high five her for being a top-notch changemaker!