A Bit About Coworking


You’ll often hear us describe Roundhouse as a coworking space.  You might be wondering just what that means, or how it is tied to social innovation.

Coworking began as a flexible workspace solution for entrepreneurs and businesses in the early 2000s.  Since then, it has grown to be a global phenomenon, with an estimated 1.6 million people working in coworking spaces worldwide.

As an early-stage entrepreneur, freelancer or small business, finding an  office space within a budget can be a struggle. Long-term leases, steep price tags and cookie-cutter spaces are just some of the hurdles businesses run into.

Coworking is favoured for it’s comparatively lower rent prices, shared areas like communal kitchens (more importantly, coffee!), professional reception area, and accessible resources like printing and meeting rooms.  Perhaps even more importantly, coworking price plans are flexible for the growth phases of new, and emerging organizations. For example, hot desks allow you to pay for the hours you plan to use and drop-in when you need to; dedicated desks offer a reserved workstation - bring in your fur baby photos and make it your own; while private offices have space for shelving or frequent client meetings.  You can learn more about our membership options here.


Logistically, those are huge benefits for entrepreneurs, but what many people love most is the community atmosphere that coworking fosters.  Many coworkers will report having collaborated with others they met in their space - think of how much you’d save on gas without all those external client meetings! Coworking members often report lower isolation and higher productivity than working from home or coffee shops and , if you like numbers, here’s a whole bank of coworking related data. 


With the variety of coworking spaces available, you’re able to select the environment, location, and ultimately the work neighbours you connect best with, making work a place you want to be and will thrive in.  A few of our friends in Edmonton include: Startup EdmontonHomesteadURBN CoworkUnit B and Food Central Cowork.


We often define social innovation as finding new solutions that make the world a better place.  Coworking provides an environment that meets changemakers where they're at, with space to connect, innovate and grow their ideas.  Not only is coworking it self a great solution to the challenge of office space, but at Roundhouse, we see it as a resource that supports our members in making the change they're passionate about.


Want to try out coworking? Join us on the last Friday of every month from 9-4.  Because, who doesn’t want to work from a bean bag on a Friday?