Our community does some amazing work and we're pretty sure changemaking is contagious, so read on to be inspired.

RECAP: RAAS the Good Shop

We wanted to tell more people about Roundhouse and share the great products we know make the world a better place. But we also wanted to start conversations ...

24 Sep 2018

Changemaker Week 2018

Learn. Connect. Take Action. Find out what's going on for our first ever Changemaker Week - hint: there are MacEwan grown meals, prize money and social-focused business how-to's!

7 Sep 2018

We're joining The Good Shop at RAAS

What's the story behind the goods and services you consume? Entrepreneurs are starting to focus on people and planet more and more - learn what questions to ask ...

7 Sep 2018

Orchid, Onion and Owl

We're sharing our team's go-to meeting starter.

13 Aug 2018

A Bit About Coworking

You’ll often hear us describe Roundhouse as a coworking space. You might be wondering just what that means, or how it is tied to social innovation, we thought ...

8 Aug 2018

Recruiting: Volunteer Hosts

Learn about our exciting volunteer exchange program launching this fall.

19 Jul 2018