Our community does some amazing work and we're pretty sure changemaking is contagious, so read on to be inspired.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jeff Ku

Jeff Ku, [community superhero and changemaker] is one of Roundhouse’s earliest and keenest supporters. He has hosted and attended events in our space, is a member of our ...

2 Oct 2018

Changemaker Week 2018

Learn. Connect. Take Action. Find out what's going on for our first ever Changemaker Week - hint: there are MacEwan grown meals, prize money and social-focused business how-to's!

7 Sep 2018

Orchid, Onion and Owl

We're sharing our team's go-to meeting starter.

13 Aug 2018

A Bit About Coworking

You’ll often hear us describe Roundhouse as a coworking space. You might be wondering just what that means, or how it is tied to social innovation, we thought ...

8 Aug 2018

OKUDART: Art for all

Street art has long been censored, scoffed at and considered less legitimate than canvas pieces in galleries. The fact that our city has united in pride over a ...

19 Jul 2018

Media Recap: Social Entrepreneurs in Residence

Check out the media response to our exciting announcement about Matt and Kori, Founders of Earth Group being our next Entrepreneurs in Residence!

29 Jun 2018