Our community does some amazing work and we're pretty sure changemaking is contagious, so read on to be inspired.

Member Spotlight: SESA

The Solar Energy Society of Alberta was our very first office tenant. Learn a bit more about what they're up to including a new opportunity to join their ...

6 Nov 2018

Volunteer Spotlight: Jeff Ku

Jeff Ku, [community superhero and changemaker] is one of Roundhouse’s earliest and keenest supporters. He has hosted and attended events in our space, is a member of our ...

2 Oct 2018

RECAP: Changemaker Week 2018

We saw over 150 changemakers over the week and heard lots of great feedback from facilitators and attendees alike! This was our first Changemaker Week and we plan ...

2 Oct 2018

Changemaker Week 2018

Learn. Connect. Take Action. Find out what's going on for our first ever Changemaker Week - hint: there are MacEwan grown meals, prize money and social-focused business how-to's!

7 Sep 2018

Orchid, Onion and Owl

We're sharing our team's go-to meeting starter.

13 Aug 2018

OKUDART: Art for all

Street art has long been censored, scoffed at and considered less legitimate than canvas pieces in galleries. The fact that our city has united in pride over a ...

19 Jul 2018