Our community does some amazing work and we're pretty sure changemaking is contagious, so read on to be inspired.

Meet Mike!

We're thrilled to welcome Mike Glazier to our team as community lead.

2 Apr 2019

Fostering a Sustainable Workplace

Our intern Emily shares some of her tips for making work life more sustainable.

2 Apr 2019

Make the most of your meetings!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been to our fair share of poorly planned, disorganized, pointless meetings. The good news is, your next meeting doesn’t have to be that ...

1 Mar 2019

2018 in Review

We had our Grand Opening and many more mention worthy moments last year. Join us on a trip down memory lane.

7 Jan 2019

Innovation in YEG

Did you know there is a whole community dedicated to fostering innovation in Edmonton? Better yet, two of our members have earned a spot on the Advisory Council! ...

7 Jan 2019

Help a member out: Matchwork Assessment

Our members from Matchwork are in an exciting phase of their software development. You can help them out by trying it out and providing some feedback!

3 Dec 2018