Our community does some amazing work and we're pretty sure changemaking is contagious, so read on to be inspired.

Welcome, Alexis!

We're thrilled to welcome Alexis Lockwood as the Academic Lead for the MacEwan University Social Innovation Institute to the team.

4 Mar 2019

Member Spotlight: Emily Vilcsak

Emily Vilcsak is a MacEwan student and one of our community members at Roundhouse. Last week, she wrote a blog highlighting our space, so we had to return ...

4 Mar 2019

Make the most of your meetings!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been to our fair share of poorly planned, disorganized, pointless meetings. The good news is, your next meeting doesn’t have to be that ...

1 Mar 2019

Member spotlight: Gina Bennett

We love hearing member success stories! We're especially pumped to have heard from Gina how the space and our tech library are empowering her growth as an entrepreneur.

4 Feb 2019

Intern Alert: Welcome, Emily!

We're thrilled to be welcoming a new practicum student from the Arts and Cultural Management program at MacEwan University to our team for the Winter 2019 semester. Learn ...

4 Feb 2019

Student Membership Grants

That's right, being a student at MacEwean University qualifies you for a Community Membership Grant so you can immerse yourself in a community of changemakers and possibility!

21 Jan 2019