Being a Roundhouse member is belonging to a community of socially-minded doers who see the value of collaboration and social change. Our membership options are tailored to fit a wide range of needs - including yours.

Community Membership $40/month

You’re pumped about social change and full of ideas and drive, but you don't need space just yet.

All members have access to:

Community Kitchen
Roundhouse Programs
Showers & Change Rooms
Bike Storage
Tech Library Rentals
Flexible Common Area & Games Lounge
Early Registration & Special Rates For Events
Free Coffee & Tea To Fuel The Magic
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Private Office from $700/month

If your team is growing, upgrading to an office might be cost-effective and more conducive to impromptu productivity slams and high-fives. Our offices hold up to 4 team members and cost an additional $40/month to fill your 3rd and 4th seats. We offer 6-month leases and adjacent offices with collapsible walls if available.

  1. 24/7 building access
  2. locking door with brand signage
  3. locking file cabinet
  4. 10 meeting room hours/month
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Dedicated desk
Dedicated Desk $400/month

You're working on your idea pretty much full-time (if not all the time.) You need a consistent and convenient work space to grow your stellar idea. Dedicated desks are available on a 6-month lease.

  1. 24/7 building access
  2. locking file cabinet
  3. 10 meeting room hours/month
  4. height-adjustable desk *limited availability

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Hot Desk from $80/month

Our hot desks are great if you're looking to dip your toe in the coworking waters, or if you work on your idea part time. This option gives members the flexibility to invest on a month-to-month basis.

Meeting Room
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Still Have Questions?

That’s okay, we have the answers and we’re available to walk you through this process anytime – quite literally!