Our Space

Roundhouse is a 12,000 sq ft hub for social innovation, designed for collaboration and creativity. In our space, momentum builds, ideas collide to drive innovation, conversations are fostered and connections are orchestrated.

Flexible Spaces for work, meeting and play

Roundhouse was designed to make it easy for ideas and people to bounce around freely. Built on an Activity Based Working model, Roundhouse is more than just an open work space — it’s an ecosystem of adaptable, activity-based spaces and moveable furniture that makes it easy for you to work alone or with others.

Go from heads-down work mode at your desk, to rolling a whiteboard and seating into a common area for an impromptu brainstorm session, to making a private phone call in a meeting room, to socializing and eating lunch around a family-style kitchen table.


Natural Lighting
Working in a daylit environment improves health, wellness and productivity (and can lead to a better sleep!) so we optimized the design of our space for daylight. Our 17-foot high ceilings with floor to ceiling windows feature awesome downtown views and the flood of light will help you work better and be healthier. We also invested in energy-efficient, LED lighting because, after natural sunlight, they’re the next best thing.

Biophilic design
From our moss wall to our natural wood tables to our Ficus Benjamina and Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, we were intentional in connecting Roundhouse to the natural environment. We also help you do your part in taking care of our environment. In addition to the standard waste and recycle bins, our kitchen features a digestive table. Designed by Amy Youngs, and built by Spruce Permaculture, the table integrates a vermicomposting system that (with the help of red wriggler worms) transforms organic waste into rich compost.

Environmental Innovation

We care about our planet, which is why we’ve integrated innovative technologies into our space. Here are just some of the ways that we’ve reduced the carbon footprint of our building. 

Eco-friendly building material
Our mezzanine floor structure is made of glued-laminated timber (Glulam), which is manufactured using less energy and fossil fuels than steel beams.

Natural finishes
We used low to no VOC paints and sealants throughout our space. All glulam and plywood materials were left exposed with their natural finish.

Sustainable flooring
Our floors are outfitted with linoleum (a naturally sustainable product manufactured by oxidizing linseed oil) and carpet made from 44% pre-consumer recycled content.

Energy efficient
We optimized the design of our space for daylight so that minimal electric lighting is needed during daylight hours. LED light fixtures and low energy heating and cooling panels reduce electricity usage.

Creativity thrives here

Imagine if the place where you worked was literally designed to boost your productivity.

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Principal, thirdstone inc.
thirdstone inc. has been a member of Roundhouse for over a year and we're proud to be associated with great people that helped create this communal environment. The coworking aspect allow us to connect with a passionate and vibrant community of business owners, entrepreneurs and changemakers. Spatially, Roundhouse is a social innovation axis that is bright, open, inviting and inclusive; a model setting that reflects our own design philosophy and core business values.